21€ !
Size: Name: City:


S 50x69cm|20×27”
L 56x74cm|22×29”
XXL 62x78cm|24×31”
M 53x72cm|21×28”
XL 59x76cm|23×30”
width x height


After your purchase, we will send you and email to confirm that your name and city are correctly added to the list. If you don’t receive it, please, contact us.

Once the edition is complete (100 people), the t-shirt will be printed and sent to the participants. And then a new edition will start!

The whole process will take some time! Complete edition: unknown. Printing: 7-15 days. Shipping: 1-5 weeks.


Only advanced purchase admitted. Obviously you have to respect the processing time. Please be patient!

Payment is not refundable, unless the project is suspended. In this case, all the participants of the current edition will be refunded.

No returns will be accepted.

Make sure you agree with the terms before you buy your t-shirt :)